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Akuma : Wrath of the Fallen is a 2D Action Platformer game taking place in Hell. You play as a samourai who got betrayed by demons during a battle. Now full of hatred, he has become a powerful Akuma, seeking revenge upon the ones who sent him to the darkest pit of Hell.

This game was created during a summer vacation project by a team of students. It’s a two months production, making us really proud of the result ! We hope you’ll enjoy what we managed to make !

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/!\ It is REQUIRED to play with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller /!\

Game made by :

Simon Picardat as Project Manager - Game Designer -programmer / Twitter

Corentin Job as Lead Game Designer - programmer / Twitter

Aurélien Mary as Lead Programmer - Game Designer / Personal website

Kilian Marion-Miraca as Lead Game Artist -Environmental Artist / ArtStation / Twitter

Inès Pouille as Game Artist  / ArtStation

Yanis Habib as Game Artist -Animator / ArtStation  / Instagram

Samuel Lauro as Game Artist - Character designer / ArtStation

Matis Duperray as Sound Designer 

Cassandre Harrington as Community Manager

Updated 5 days ago
Published 11 days ago
PublisherTeam Akuma
AuthorsCorentin Job, Cardonis, Militax, AurelM, totornesol, YanocBramble, Nescafeine
GenreAction, Fighting, Platformer
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, gamepad, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Singleplayer, Swords, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsXbox controller

Install instructions

To install the game you just have to download the Akuma.zip file and unzip it. Have fun playing !


Akuma.zip 97 MB


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Just wanted to say this game is awesome!

nice job. But the power of teleportation is bug,when i use it, i cross the wall and i get stuck. otherwise the animations are cool, the gameplay nervous. Continuous

damn bro. this is one of the best indie games i've played in 2020 the movement and character/enemy design a on point and all fit together to really give a sense of a wider world dispite the lack of any exposition. 10/10 i would love to see a list of games that insired the development of this one.

Glad you enjoyed ! if you want a list of games who inspired us Katana Zero, hollow knight and Scourgebringer greatly inspired us in terms of gameplay and quality  of the feedbacks.

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ah a man of quality 

Doesn't work on mac although it says so :(

Ha sorry i fixed it, we'll consider making it available for mac in the future 


I am so glad I found this. Well done on fantastic movement and combat

Thank you ! we are really proud of our character controller i'm glad you enjoyed it !


this is really inspiring for a fellow gamdev like me!!!

here is my run no boss damage i took would like see side step maybe i did enjoy mix of messenger and katana zero style gameplay 


thank you for the gameplay glad you enjoyed !


Can we play on keyboard? Or it's controller only?


It's controller only for now, the keyboard and ps4 controller support are in Work in progress for now

Ok thanks ^^

amazing gam dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thanks for the gameplay ! we're you playing with a ps4 controller ? or an xbox controller ? in the future we will have to make a fix for ps4 controller it's not completely supported yet

Yeah i was playing with ps4 controller maybe that was the problem but thank you for watching i hope you liked it :D